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Thursday April 24th 2014

Iron Chef Train, Japan

All aboard fans of the Iron Chef!

It appears that ‘trains Japan’ can feature anything from chocolate bars, gachapon toys to Pokemon and Iron Chefs. This is a brilliant catch on the Shinagawa Station from m0nkeyxman!

I was pleased to have found this moving advertisement because I am an Iron Chef fan!

Iron Chef Train
Iron Chef Train

I am sure I don’t remember seeing so many trains wrapped in adverts back in the 1980′s and 1990′s.

I wonder when this creative advertising, using trains like this, first came to the fore?

And do other countries advertise in this manner?

Have you got a favourite train advert? Have you got a favourite iron chef?

Here is 10 minutes from youtube to recapture an ‘oldie, but a goodie’ on sushi in the Kitchen Stadium! I am feeling hungry already!

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